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The Normal Direction In Which Something Fastly Grow Up And Change this is called definition.
Something Move Down To Upward In World Is Called Trend

Top On Every News Channel And Breacking News Of Electronic Media, Social Media  And News Paper In Every-Country Of World Popular Content  in time   Is Called Trend.
Specific Keywords Searching Overall World This Keywords Is Called Trend
Depending on world indicators

1.    Drift
2.    Movement
3.    Go
4.    Head
5.    Gravity
6.    Veer
7.    Swing
8.    Course bent
9.    Tendency                     

Types of Trend
Two Types Of Trend
1.    Digital Trends
2.    Classic trends
Digital Trends
Types Of Digital Trend
1.    Up-trend
2.    Down-trend
3.    Horizontal-trend

Definition of Digital trends
The news of technology, life fashion, details of websites
And share trendcy news on  social media and electronic media

Classic Trends
Old  Good Thing Move Upword And Searching In World Is Called Classic TREND
Today mostaly top trend on classic thing i.e some rich people live new house convert into old house style
writer:Zafar Iqbal
Adderss: Sakhi Sarwar, Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab

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